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Accidental Pilgrim - Travels with a Celtic Saint  

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Book synopsis

When an Irishman, an Englishman, a man with an identity crisis and an inexperienced cyclist are all the same person, scaling the heights of the Alps on a cheap tourer seems as reasonable a way as any to get to the bottom of things . . .

After one Silicon Valley project meeting too many, David Moore returned to Dublin with too much money to get a real job, and no idea what to do next.

The Accidental Pilgrim follows the recovering dotcommer as he rides two thousand miles across Europe in pursuit of himself and the Celtic saint Columbanus - the Roy Keane of the early medieval Church.

A bad-ass early Irish saint who wouldn't stand for such ephemeral notions as identity crises, if anyone could sort the craic-loving but well-mannered young man, Columbanus would.

On the way to the saint's final resting place in Northern Itlay, there are bee-stings in Malin Head, melting roads along the Loire, and instant celebrity in eastern France.

A freewheeling traveller's tale with a dash of medieval history thrown in, The Accidental Pilgrim presents an unlikely double-act and a rewarding journey.




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ISBN: 0340832282
Trade Paperback - Hodder Headline
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