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(may 5th)'Cycling in the rain and sorting his head out'
Irish novelist Dermot Bolger has written what I reckon is the best review of 'The Accidental Pilgrim' yet. He's writer in residence for the South Dublin Libraries and his one of his diaries, he gives his view of the book. An excerpt:

the book works because of Moore's sheer absence of cleverness. He possesses no religious belief and recognises that the interest in Columbanus for his college days and this long trip across Europe are primarily an excuse to postpone the future. He is doing this because it alleviates the need to be doing something else. It is a way to put his life on hold. The nice thing about the book is that nothing much happens. He descends a few hairpin bends at dangerous speeds, lusts after but never manages to bed the odd passing waitress, and spends a lot of time cycling in the rain and sorting his head out. He has a dry wit and is very aware both of the importance of the pilgrimage for himself and how it is slightly ridiculous.

Read the full review .

(april 27th) Talk about Writers' Websites
In my unlikely capacity as both a professional writer and a professional website developer, I?ve been asked to talk to the New Mexico branch of the writers? group PEN, on the subject of writers? websites. It?s next Tuesday, May 2nd, at 3pm in the Wheelwright Museum on Museum Hill in Santa Fe. There?ll be slides and examples (of my sites and others), as well as refreshments and the like. All are welcome.

(march 28th) Talk about The Accidental Pilgrim
Just a brief note to let you know that I will soon be giving a talk in Santa Fe - with photographs and readings - about the cycling trip from Northern Ireland to northern Italy that became The Accidental Pilgrim.
It?s on Saturday, April 2nd at 5pm, at The Travel Bug cafe and bookshop, 839 Paseo de Peralta (between Alameda and Palace). You can find out more about the cycling, the places, and the mad saint, and hear select passages from the book. So if you?re in northern New Mexico and would like to come along, you?d be more than welcome.

(jan 4th) Glowing blog review
The anonymous blogger over at An Overgrown Path has recently put up a very favourable review of The Accidental Pilgrim. An excerpt:

"In his book dot com escapee David Moore manages to balance scholarship (he is a graduate of Cambridge and Trinity College, Dublin, but wears his academic background lightly) with readability, while managing to avoid the leaden ‘I am a dumb traveller, and these are the dumb things that happened to me’ style of humour regularly served up by Bill Bryson, namesake Tim Moore, and so many others . . . . The book also manages to avoid the trap of simply being a diary of places, journeys and punctures. In this his first book Moore manages to include enough personal detail to make the author as well as the journey come alive, and that is a difficult thing to achieve."

Here's the full review (part of a very interesting blog).

(nov 15th) Accidental Pilgrim crosses the Atlantic
A little after its author's arrival in the New World, the book is now available from an online retailer in the US. The excellent folk at Powell's are offering it, and as it makes an excellent gift for the holidays, I'd recommend you head over there and get a copy or two: so here's the book's page on Powell's.

(june 24th) Accidental Pilgrim available on Amazon.co.uk
The Accidental Pilgrim now has a home on Amazon.co.uk, which is great news. They ship everywhere, so even if you're not in the UK, it may well be the answer if you'd like a copy but are outside Ireland. It would be great if anyone who's already read it could also head over and submit a review. And if you get a copy by clicking through on any of the links on this site, I get an extra kick-back, so here's the book's page on Amazon.co.uk.

(may 16th) Interviewed on RTE Radio 1's 'The Word on Travel'
I dropped into RTE over the weekend to talk to Gerry Mullins on 'The Word on Travel' show. It was a good chat, and you can listen to the programme, archived on the show's site (I'm about 14 minutes in). At the end of the interview, Gerry said, 'It's a terrific read - very well written.'

(may 4th) Featured in Irish Times magazine
Over the weekend, you may have opened your Irish Times magazine and got a shock. There I was, with my bike on top of a boulder. It was accompanying a good interview, and you can read it (along with all the other coverage) over on the reviews page.

(april 5th) Review in Food and Wine Magazine: 'Human, humorous and extremely well-written'
Ernie Whalley, editor of Food and Wine magazine was kind enough to review the book in this month's issue of the magazine. Saying that he couldn't put it down, he makes an exception to his rule of only reviewing food-related books, concluding that The Accidental Pilgrim is 'human, humorous and extremely well-written'. I'm blushing. The full review is also on his ForknCork.com site.

(march 17th) Interviewed on Marian Finucane's show, and books available
I talked to Marian Finucane today on RTE Radio 1, discussing St Columbanus. It was an appropriate topic of conversation for St Patrick's Day, and it coincided with the books being on displays across the country. If you're fast you might find some signed copies in Dublin city centre bookshops - I dashed round them yesterday signing books and meeting some of the booksellers.

(feb. 29th) Accidental Pilgrim site launched
As you can see if you're reading this, the website of the book has been launched. With a range of articles, photographs and other goodies, it aims to satisfy a number of different audiences: those who haven't read the book yet can try a couple of sample chapters and buy the book online, while those who have read it can find out more about the journey and the saint, and look at some photographs from the road. There's also a press area for journalists.

(feb 26th) David interviewed in Business and Finance
Somewhat bizarrely, the first real publicity for the Accidental Pilgrim has come by way of an interview in Business and Finance. In a feature called Post Software Slump Vocations, I talked about how I'd jacked in my high-paying tech job in the Silicon Valley to ride a bike to Italy. The piece talks to others who aren't doing computers any more, and there are a couple of photgraphs of me up the mountains.

(feb. 24th) Accidental Pilgrim to reach bookshops in early March
The book should be in bookshops across Ireland in early March. It's already been spotted making a sneak appearance on the Eason's website, and on the publisher's site. If you'd like to preorder a copy at your local shop, the ISBN number is 0340832282, and it's published by Lir/Hodder Headline Ireland. Meanwhile, you can get yourself in the mood by reading a couple of sample chapters.




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